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England Hockey launch World Cup Adidas Kit

July 9, 2018



Guys its me JD the Kid and I am so excited today to be launching the official World Cup Hockey Kit with the England Hockey Squad with Adidas and the whole team. 



Its so cool we are at Westfield and its all popping off here


The kit itself is super cool and comes in Red you can even get yours personalised at the store. 




Oi - check out my skills - learning how to dribble and that! :) Move over Captain JD's in the house! :)


Look who's arrive its Team Trouble, I Robot Kid, AMiracle, Magic Yas and Just Trey Sean! Come on guys lets play! 


 Hey its me, Arabella and the England Hockey World Cup team doing the window mannequin challenge in the Adidas Shop in Westfield - do you think the customers realised we were real! Haha.


Its a wrap, what a great day and so great to meet everyone today! Look out for the next mission with The England Hockey World Cup Team with the Great British Bake Off, we will be making the official World Cup Cake with Candice - woop woop - gonna get my chefs hat on! Lets do this! 

Peace JD :)

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