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Hannibal - Book Review

June 15, 2018


Child's tale of Ethiopian slave prince -The son of a prince, he was captured as a slave in about 1700

So guys I have been reading up on Abraham Hannibal and wow what a great boy/man - its so interesting you have to get your self a copy and read his amazing story. 


This intriguing tale of how an African slave became a general under Russian Czar Peter the Great has been turned into a children's story and yes now its been made easier for me and you to read so who is Abraham Petrovic Hannibal, well the story tells us that he  was in charge of military engineering across Russia, he helped fortify St Petersburg in the 18th century and was the great grandfather of Russian literary icon, Alexander Pushkin.


But amazingly this great man was originally a slave - an Ethiopian prince, his family say. The book I am reading is called Abraham Hannibal and the Battle for the Throne was published back in 2013 and there is also another book (sequel) while Abraham Hannibal and the Raiders of the Sands both are available from Amazon.



This amazing story tells us that Abraham Hannibal led a very stormy life slavery in the start and then also in his later life - divorce, allegations of bigamy and exile in Siberia - the book itself as I have mentioned has been translated into a childrens book and is full of historical facts, my favourites are the accounts of crocodile attacks, landslides and elephant stampedes. Just wow! 


I love this story as I love to learn about Black History and also think its great that the author thought of the idea to make black history more present in children's books especially ones featuring Africans which is partly where I am from. 


I think that the book combats stereotypical, negative images of Africa, especially when Abraham (Hero in the book) visits the lavish ancient Ethiopian Emperor's palace in Gondar and the Axum obelisk. I actually cant wait to read the second book where Abraham is 16 and his story goes on.




I havent read the second book yet but when I do I will do a review on it too its when Abraham rises to become the Russian army's chief engineer - its so exciting seeing how a child slave life was so full of trials and tribulations and even with that his destiny was to lead a army! 


Here are some top facts about this great man! 

  • Born between 1667-1669 

  • City of Lougoune (Red River)- Eritrea

  • Son of a Prince

  • Kidnapped and taking to Turkey at the age of 8 

  • Kidnapped and taken to Russia where he made his mark on History 

  • Liked by Tsar Peter the Great 

  • He was liked by the Tsar that he allowed him to shadow him at Govermental current affair events

  • He loved Engineering and Mathematics at his early school 

  • He studied Engineering and became a general for the French army 

  • When Peter the Great died the royal advisor banished him into exile in Siberia 

  • Peter the Great daughter Empress Katherine restored Hannibal in the Russian army & society

  • He secured the boundary between Russia and Sweden using his engineering skills 

  • He lived in St Petersburg till he retired

  • He is also the great grandfather of Alexandra Pushkin the father of modern literature 

  • He had 11 children with his wife.

"I think the story of an African child, kidnapped, becoming a slave and then a general in a western nation is extraordinary. 


JD The Kid 


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