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Top tips for a Plastic Free Summer

June 11, 2018




Yo Guys Whats UP!!!!! 


So I love animals  and I'm all about protecting the planet! Its a growing issue and needs everyone including you to get involved to help out - you wouldn't believe what happens to all the animals and fish in the oceans when plastic waste is poured into them. The animals die because they either eat the plastic or get caught up in the waste causing them to die! Its horrible I know, we can make a change though and here are some super cool tip from Amazing Arabella Blog that I would like to share with you! 


Try some out and help save the animals.


  • Bring a reusable bag - A reusable bag won’t take up much space in your luggage, but could save you having to use any plastic bags when shopping for food or buying souvenirs when you’re out exploring. 

  • Enjoy a plastic free cocktail - When choosing what cocktail to have during your holiday, remember to say no to plastic straws and stirrers. These items are constantly found on beaches, in the stomachs of seabirds and marine mammals, and also break down further to become harmful micro plastics, which pollute our oceans.

  • Leave only your footsteps - Make sure to leave the beaches, campsites and hilltops you visit, the way you found them. You could do even better than this by taking more rubbish away with you than you produced. For instance, take time to do a 10 minute clean-up when you leave the beach for the day.

  • Think twice about buying that inflatable pool toyWhen preparing for the beach or time beside the pool, remember that inflatable flamingos,unicorns and other plastic toys, including sandcastle

  • moulds and spades, are not recyclable.

  • Try to buy good quality items that can be used on future holidays and don’t need to be thrown away after one use.

  • Buy a ‘spork’ - From little plastic spoons used to eat refreshing ice creams on the beach, to plastic cutlery used at a picnic lunch – your impact on the planet could be reduced simply by carrying a‘spork’ (spoon/fork hybrid) or reusable cutlery.

  • Bring your own coffee cup - Bring your reusable cup with you for morning coffees, afternoon pick - me - ups and night time drinks. Some UK events, festivals and many coffee shops will also give you discounts on hot drinks for bringing your own cup. Plus, they are great to bring with you for long car journeys.

  • Freshen up with mints instead of gum - When travelling or after a long flight, freshen up with a packet of mints instead of chewing gum, which is made from plastic and is not degradable so often litters our streets and beaches.

  • Use washable cloths instead of face wipes - Stay clear of face wipes and wet wipes, which are not able to degrade in the environment as they contain plastic. We are expected to use 3.4 billion wet wipes in the UK alone, with almost a third of these being flushed down the loo and entering our oceans! You could instead use a washable facial cleansing cloth or flannel with a cleanser, to reduce waste.




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