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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

June 5, 2018



Hey Guys JD the kid and guess what The FIFA World Cup is coming and I cant wait!


And for those who enjoy determining the fate of virtual matches as much as cheering on their favourite team, and even getting hold of the World Cup Fifa game made by EA Sports and whats even more cool is that 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia update is available as a free downloadable content for anyone who owns a copy of FIFA 18 across all platforms.


Here are our my top TOP 5 favourite things about the game: 

  • In making it a free update, the only good thing for fans of EA Sports' FIFA is that they don't have to pay the full amount for a new title.

  • Once you're there, you'll have the option of playing a one-off game, jumping into the group stages of the tournament, designing a new squad from scratch in Ultimate Team, or duking it out with strangers and friends over the Internet.

  • EA has given a new coat of paint to mostly everything, and the graphics are insane

  • EA has also upgraded the audio including commentary and sound effects - giving you that real time vibe! 

  • You can play the World Cup as any and all of the 32 teams that take part.

So I cant wait to get into my game and also check out my other gaming reviews coming up very very soon! 


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